Advantages and functions of hoses

Nov 23, 2022

In a complex piping system, installation work is often difficult due to the limitation of space: the pipe-forming equipment does not go upward; bend over and make do with the pipe, which inevitably results in local cold correction.

Depending on the diameter of the pipe and the specific conditions of the site, cold calibration ranges from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, and some hundreds of millimeters. Practice has proved that the larger the number, the higher the internal stress, and the installation stress of these residues in the piping system is undoubtedly a great interest.

A certain type of bearing oil pipe in the engine has many accidents in actual operation, because the stress during installation is too high.

food grade hose

Due to the internal stress generated by bending and bending under the nominal bending radius, it brings great convenience to the installation work and ensures the safe operation of the piping system. This is the main reason why some plumbing systems must use hoses.

Common hose types are as follows:

Food grade hose, sanitary hose, pharmaceutical grade hose, silicone hose, rubber hose, composite hose, teflon hose

How to use the rubber hose correctly

Learn how to avoid common mistakes with the advice below.

(1) Pressure

1. Make sure the hose is used within the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2. The hose will expand or contract due to internal pressure, please make sure the hose is slightly longer than your desired length.

3. When applying pressure, please open/close any valve slowly to avoid shock pressure.

rubber hose

(2) Fluid type

1. Make sure the liquid type is suitable for the hose.

2. If you want to transport oil, powder, toxic chemicals or strong acid or alkali with a hose, it is better to ask our technicians for safety.

(3) Bending

1. The minimum bending radius of the rubber hose is the minimum radius that the hose is allowed to bend. Doing so will rupture the hose or reduce the pressure resistance of the hose.

2. When conveying powder or granules, please try not to bend the hose, so as not to wear the hose.

3. Make sure the hose is not in an extreme bend near the fitting, this can be avoided by using an elbow.

4. If it is not necessary, do not move the installed hose, especially be very careful when moving the hose, so as not to bend the hose;

rubber hose

(4) Other

1. Do not turn off the hose on an open flame.

2. Please protect the hose from being crushed.

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