Advantages of paint spray hose

Nov 08, 2022

The spray paint hose is mainly for high pressure spray paint in ship repairing yards, and high pressure spray paint for home decoration.Hose color can be different according to the paint color.

The inner layer is PA material, and the reinforcement layer is wire or steel wire. Different pressures require different reinforcement layers. The reinforcement layer is has single layer and double layer. The outer layer is PU and the main colors are blue black, red and grey.

paint spray hose

What are the advantages of spray hose?

1. The oil resistance is 10-20 times higher than that of rubber hose. it can effectively prevent leakage caused by oil corrosion.

2. High bearing pressure, light weight, small bending radius, flexible and light, convenient for technical design and production and installation.

3. Good high and low temperature resistance, strong adaptability. we can used it at -80°C-250°C.

4. The inner tube is smooth, the liquid resistance is small, and the hydraulic loss is small.

paint spray hose

5. Beautiful appearance, anti-pollution, and the internal grinding performance is more than 20 times that of natural rubber hoses.

6. Good flame retardant effect, impact resistance and aging resistance.

7. It has high elasticity, high elongation and strength.

8. You can choose the length you want , and there is no need for joints in the middle.

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