Common Problems Happened On Food Grade Hose

Mar 01, 2023

Food grade hose is an important material in our daily life and production activity. At home, you need a food grade silicone hose for our coffee machine and drinking water machine. While in dairy, you need a food grade rubber hose to convey milk. In wine factory, you need a PVC wine hose to convey distilled water and wine.

However, there will be several problems on the hose. Thus let’s analyze these problems next.

Problems on the food grade hose cover

Cracks appeared on the surface of the food-grade rubber hose. The main reason is that the hose bend in a cold condition.

Bubbles appear on the outer surface hose. The main reason is that the quality of the hose is not good enough or the improper use during work.

The food-grade rubber hose not breaks but it leaks. While the reason is that when the high-pressure liquid flow passes through the hose, the inner rubber is eroded or scratched. Then a large area of the steel wire layer leaks out. And then cause a large amount of leakage.

The outer rubber layer of the food-grade rubber hose seriously went bad. And the surface is micro-cracked, which is the natural aging of the rubber hose. These lead to continuous oxidation of the outer layer so that a layer of ozone covers on the hose surface. Thus it will thicken with time goes on. Besides, the rubber hose will produce tiny cracks once it slightly bend during use. In this case, please replace the hose in time.

Today, we learned several problems on the cover of a food grade rubber hose. But in fact, there are many other problems in other places. If you want to learn more about that, then focus on Hiteck. We will share your more valuable information.

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