Brazilian customers purchase large-caliber water suction pipes

Jul 15, 2019

This Brazilian customer contacted our company in March this year, said to purchase large-calibre absorbent hose, in the business exchangewith with our company, finally determined to be water suction and discharge hose, the internal diameter of 6", length of 10m, a total of 200.

Water Suction Hose     Water Suction Pipe

The structure of water suction and discharge hose is as follows:

Tube: Black, smooth, NR, SBR rubber compound.

Reinforcement: Multi plies High strength synthetic fibre and helix steel wire

Cover: Black, smooth, cloth impression, SBR rubber compound

Water Suction and Discharge pipe     Water Suction and Discharge Hose

The characteristics of water suction and discharge hose are as follows:

●weathering and ozone resistant.

●Anti-aging cover compound

●Flexible and light weight

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