Do You Know How to Identify High Quality PVC Spring Hose?

Apr 20, 2021

Do you have this kind of worry when buying PVC spring hose? You want to choose a high quality hose, but do not have any testing tools and testing conditions. Here's some tips of how to identify the good quality PVC spring hose without any tools.

 PVC Steel Wire Hose
1. Is the lumen observed regular? Whether the wall thickness is uniform. The inner cavity and outer edge of PVC spring hose with good quality are standard round and the annular tube wall is evenly distributed. Take the PVC spring hose with an inner diameter of 89 mm and a wall thickness of 7 mm as an example, the thickest part of the hose wall with poor quality can be up to 7.5 mm, and the thinnest part is only 5.5 mm. It is very easy for uneven hose wall stress to lead to the explosion or deformation of PVC spring hose when working under higher pressure and affecting normal use.
2. Observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the wall of PVC spring hose, whether it is transparent. The wall of high quality PVC spring hose is crystal clear, without any impurities. But the color of defective PVC spring hose is yellow because of improper treatment of decomposition, aging when producing or long-term improper storage.
3. There’s no other petrochemical products smell of high quality PVC spring hose in addition to a little plastic smell. But the pungent smell of diesel fumes from bad quality PVC spring hose is  hard to get close to, especially in hot summer.
PVC Steel Wire Spring Hose
4. The inside and outside wall of high quality PVC spring hose are smooth, but bad quality one is relatively rough.
5. When measuring the wall thickness, cut off both ends of PVC spring hose and select the middle hose as the sample test to prevent some illegal manufacturers from making an issue at both ends of the hose. The actual wall thickness is thinner than both ends of the hose. You can detected strength and toughness of the steel wire by cutting several centimeters at both ends of PVC spring hose and repeatedly folding the steel wire. Poor quality steel wire folding or two will break, and high quality one needs special tools to cut off. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the whole hose. The PVC spring hose with quality problems caused by steel wire is prone to irreversible deformation.
Do you know how to choose high quality PVC spring hose this time? We can also through vision, touch, smell and other sensory discrimination to choose a good one even without professional detection tools. I hope everyone can buy good hoses in the future.

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