How do we keep a healthy development? Hiteck culture: the importance of reviewing

Sep 23, 2021

This piece is not only for propaganda our company’s culture, it is for telling our experience on how to progress ourselves. We can learn from each other, how an organization can develop healthily and positively. First of all, let me introduce our company to you. We have been developed more than a decade in China hose manufacturing and exporting industry. Compared with hundred-year organizations, we are still a “teenager”; whereas compared with start-up enterprises, we have been through a lot. This topic seems a general topic, but we have some specific points to say. One of the most important points is “Review”. We review our work daily.

Sometimes, some staff might feel reviewing is meaningless, is waste of time. However they are wrong. Our people need to write daily report, participate in weekly meeting for reviewing our work. Why? We try to make it as a habit to find the problems in our works. We review to serve our clients better. There are definitely some problems exist in companies. But the important thing is we find it and continuously solve it. Reviewing is a process to find problems. For example, a clients are looking for composite hoses, but the client might not familiar with the composite hoses. Therefore, our sales need to effectively communicate with client and know their needs, to recommend right and appropriate hoses to satisfy all their needs. We review this communication process how can we do better. Take another example, the clients need special hose construction or hose material, how did we satisfy their needs? Or we need to improve our production technology and equipment. Though reviewing, we find the problem, we think about the solution, and we implement the solutions. Execution is another very important point. If we lack of execution, it will be really meaningless to review. We do our best towards our goal “China first-class hoses serve the world”. If you need hoses, please send us your requirements. Even we can not do perfect but we are continuously trying to be perfect.

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