Malaysian customer procurement garden hose

Jul 15, 2019

In May this year, a Customer in Malaysia contacted our company to say they wanted to buy a large number of garden tubes. Because he is a local supplier of irrigation supplies for agricultural, garden and other applications, most of the irrigation of farmland uses PVC Layflat Hose, and garden irrigation does not require the use of too much water, so use a relatively small garden pipe for irrigation. And the garden hose packaging and appearance is more beautiful, can be in accordance with the customer's ideas for production and manufacturing.

PVC Garden Hose Warehouse     PVC Garden Hose Transport

Structure of PVC Garden Hoses:

Tube and Cover: PVC

Reinforcement: high tensile polyester fibre.

PVC Garden Hose     PVC Garden Tube

Characteristic of the PVC Garden Hose:

●high pressure resistance, no leakage

●Anti-abrasion, Anti- UV, long working life

●Non toxic, Without odor

●Lightweight and flexible, easy to coil

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