Do you know How to Choose Pneumatic Hose

Nov 25, 2022

First of all, let us know more characteristics of pneumatic hose.

Its Advantages:

Much flexibility with Less bending radius.It is resistant to bend.

The hose with high elastic.

It is hard to wear and tear and resistant to impact.

The hose can convey part of chemicals and oils.

Also it can convey inflammable objects.

The hose can incinerate into ash 100%.So it regards as environmental friendly product.

It has good damping and low coefficient of friction due to smooth inner wall.

Medium can through the hose easy.What’s more,this hose is retardant to flame and no smell.

We can provide the colour you want,this can help to identify the different pipeline.

pneumatic hose

In view of the characteristics above,we should consider the following factors.

1. Check the thickness of the hose molten billet uniform enough.

2. If need a higher blowing pressure and the blowing is uniform.

3. Whether the surface is bright.

4. Confirm demoulding situation,easy or not.

5. Make sure the strength can meet requirements.

When the blow molded hose in thermal elastic,the density is smaller than cooling state.

For the general size,this shrinkage has little effec.

But for the precision machines, large shrinkage will cause considerable effect.The larger the more obvious effect.

The advantages of extrusion blown plastic molding pneumatic hose:

1. Low investment on production equipment.

2. The equipment with simple structure and manufacture easy.

3. High molding rate,temperature control is relatively uniform.So this can be molding  into many specifications hose.

The disadvantages:

Poor uniformity of wall thickness.

pneumatic hose

The advantages of Injection blown molding pneumatic hose:

1.Better quality.

2.Accurate external dimension,free sew.

3.Uniform wall thickness.

4.Can be multi - mold production,high level of automation.

It is very suitable for high efficiency production of small siz hose.

The disadvantages:

Small equipment and molding mold investment.The production and operation need Skilled workers.

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