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Clean and Beautiful Rubber Sheets are applied for various industrial uses.

Rubber performed excellent as a insulator. The hardness of rubber sheets can be adjusted, the hardness is related to the indentation resistant performance of the rubber sheets. Rubber sheets are efficient to be used as a sealing and protection material. Rubber sheets are available in various colors, styles and specifications. The rubber sheets can be cut according to the applications and requirements. This piece will introduce you several types of rubber sheets and their characteristics to you.

CR rubber sheet has superior mechanical properties and abrasion resistant performance. It can resist wear acid and weak alkali. CR rubber sheet is able to work from -35 ℃ to 125 ℃. It is oil resistant, thus the CR rubber sheet can be used for oil sealing, contacting with oil and grease.

NR & SBR rubber sheet, which can withstand -50 ℃ to 110 ℃ temperature. The compound of NR & SBR rubber sheet has good performance on the abrasion and wear resistance, and has good tensile strength. NR & SBR compound rubber sheet can be used as a sealing gasket and a rubber matting.

NBR rubber sheet (nitrile rubber sheet) is superior on resisting oil and petroleum based products. Nitrile rubber is resistant to a wide range of aromatic content and resistant to swelling and compressing. Therefore, nitrile rubber sheet can be used as sealing gasket for oil based products. In addition, it also shows good inorganic chemical products resistant performance.

EPDM rubber sheet performed excellent on weak acid, weak alkali, and automotive brake fluids resistance. EPDM is an premium rubber, which is anti-ozone and anti-UV. It is suitable for using outdoors.

Silicone rubber sheet has a wide temperature range (from -60 ℃ to 220 ℃). It is perfect choice for heat resistant needs. In addition, silicone rubber sheet can be made of food grade silicone rubber. The food grade silicone rubber sheets are widely used in food processing industries.

The picture shows the production line and the packaging of we produced rubber sheets. If you need rubber sheets, we, hiteck can offer you various styles and thicknesses of rubber sheets. The rubber sheets can be customized according to required industrial applications. We can provide the perfect ideal rubber sheets for you, welcome to contact us.

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