Advantages of Agricultural Drag Hose

Jul 20, 2020

Agricultural Drag Hose System Operation Principle:
The main hose is laid along the planned route by hose transporters, directly from the manure storage to the center of the field planned for manure application. The main hose is then connected to the drag hose by means of a quick-release coupling. The other end of the drag hose is attached to the applicator for manure application. The applicator is then dragged by a tractor along the field in a shuttle-like trajectory. The hose is dragged on the ground behind the applicator until the entire area of the field is covered. When the work is complete, the remaining liquid manure is cleaned from the hoses by an elastic ball that is pulled along the entire length of the hose with compressed air from the compressor. The cleaned hoses are reeled on a hose reel.

Agricultural Drag Hose

Agricultural Drag Hose Advantages:
● Easy to Store and Transport
Lightweight and compact for economical storage. Collapsible for ease of use and storage

● High Performance Capability
Durable, abrasion resistant thermoplastic polyurethane construction for tough environments.

● Through-the-weave manufacturing technique prevents delamination.
Designed for both continuous and intermittent operation at high working pressures. Bright orange colour for high visibility. Smooth outer surface promotes ease of drag operations.

● Fast Deployment and Retrieval
Long, continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using light duty or power driven reels.

● Maximized Service Life
Designed for maximized service life in harsh environments and sludge injection service. Tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion, corrosion and scaling. Resistant to heat, cold, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolosis and microbiological attack.

● Low Operating Costs
Much lower friction loss than aluminum or PVC pipe, reducing pumping costs. Swells in diameter enabling fluids to be pumped further and at higher flow rates.

Agricultural Drag Hose

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