Application and characteristics of food hoses

Sep 16, 2019

Food Discharge Hose are mainly used in food production and supply chain, and have no effect on the taste and color of food, and must meet hygiene requirements. The food hose is made of high-quality rubber raw materials, and the inner rubber layer meets the requirements of FDA and 3A, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance and high pressure resistance.

Due to the wide application of food hoses, customers should consider their own needs when choosing, and also consider the reputation and quality of service of the manufacturers to be selected in the industry.

Food Discharge Hose features:
1, flexible between the pitch
2, has good flexibility, no obstruction and stiffness.
3, light weight, good consistency.
4, softness, repeated bending, and good flexibility.
5. Good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
6, anti-rat bite, good wear resistance, to prevent internal wires from being worn.
7, resistance to bending, tensile properties, strong lateral pressure resistance.
8, soft and smooth, easy to thread the installation and positioning.


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