Application of food grade PU steel wire hose

Mar 02, 2020

Food grade PU steel wire hose is a high-pressure, water-absorbing, conveying water, oil, and powder pipe with good quality, light weight, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, small bending radius, good performance Etc. Withstands negative pressure, can remain unchanged under vacuum, can maintain good flexibility at low temperature, has super high strength and long life performance characteristics.

Food grade PU steel hose does not contain any plasticizer. It is a good substitute for PVC pipes, rubber hoses and metal products. It is suitable for food, brewing, beverage, medicine, health care and other industries. It can be used in factories, farmland irrigation, coal mines. , Oil depot, brewery, liquefied petroleum gas and other industries.

food grade PU steel wire hose

Food grade PU steel hose combined with German advanced technology equipment, does not decompose any odor and taste, does not pollute the transportation of food; smooth inner wall is non-sticky, easy to clean; high temperature sterilization and HI.GH pressure sterilization In the wide range of 40-150 ℃, high heat resistance and cold resistance can be used.

Food-grade PU steel wire hose can be used for fluid absorption of foods such as beer, food, brewing, beverages, dairy products, condiments, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, chemical industry, medicine and health care, and biotechnology. It contains more than 50% concentrated alcohol concentration. Liquid pressure and vacuum extraction.

Food-grade PU steel wire hose is used for safety, transparency, non-toxic and tasteless in brewery, food industry and pharmaceutical industry. It belongs to transparent food-grade hose, which has steel wire reinforcement, internally and externally reinforced with spiral steel wire. The surface is smooth, very soft, weather resistant and resistant to most chemicals.

Food grade PU steel wire hose can be sterilized and autoclaved. It does not contain harmful substances such as organic plasticizer phthalate and latex additives, so it has no pollution to liquid materials. Ions, in line with national requirements, and widely used in special pipelines of major breweries.

food grade PU steel wire hose

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