Application of PU Steel Wire Duct Hose

Apr 20, 2020

PU Steel Wire Duct Hose is a very versatile and industrial vacuum hose, mainly used in the following industries:

1. Food industry / pharmaceutical industry (FDA, EU guidelines): food, pharmaceutical, vacuum conveying equipment, vacuum hopper, suction conveyor, batching system, granulator / tablet machine; dry, water-soluble and acidic food (Rice, dry food, cereal, sugar, milk powder, powder, coffee, tea, cereal, flour, frozen food), alcohol <20%, fatty food, milk and dairy products, dry food with fatty substances on the surface; Mixer, dryer, packaging machine, batch loading (large packaging)-loading and unloading, milling machine.

2. Industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, collection device, dust removal system, filtration system

3. Woodworking dust removal: wood flour, wood chips, furniture production, sawing wood; vertical panel saws, saws, woodworking machinery, edge processing machines, floor sanding machines.

4. Compressor, blower, vacuum pump, pressure pump, pump

5. Paper mill, paper and pulp industry: wastewater, air suction

6. Shot blasting and sandblasting: for example, in blasting rooms, shipyards

7. Municipal vehicles: sweepers, small road sweepers, large road sweepers; lawn mowers, pruners, slope lawn mowers, leaf blowers / deciduous collectors; dust collectors, floor cleaners

Application of PU Steel Wire Duct Hose

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