Application of TPU Layflat Hose in the Field of Fire Protection

Aug 10, 2020

The production of tpu fire hose began in the 1950s. The inner lining material has undergone changes from natural rubber (NR), PVC, latex, EPDM to TPU and NBR.

As there are many varieties of fire hoses, their structure also has many types, but all of them includes 5 parts: fabric layer, lining, coating, covering layer and adhesive layer.

According to different lining materials, it can be roughly divided into:

Rubber hose (breaking strength>8.3MPa, breaking elongation>400%);

PVC hose (breaking strength>13MPa, breaking elongation>450%, hard Degree 55-65A);

TPU hose (breaking strength>13.8MPa, breaking elongation>400%).

Among them, PVC hose is cheap and light, with good weather resistance and water resistance. Suitable for mass production and various occasions.

TPU hose is a high-end hose, due to its excellent comprehensive performance,also has many characteristics of rubber and plastic.

Market Application of TPU Hose
TPU hose has some advantages that conventional hose does not have:

1. Light weight, the thickness of TPU lining is generally 0.3mm, which is better than rubber lining. The inside is 2/3 thinner, and the density of TPU itself is lower than that of rubber, so the total weight of each hose.

2. High pressure resistance, although the rubber hose hose has undergone secondary vulcanization, it cannot Completely eliminate the small leakage point, the burst pressure is 3.9Mpa, and the TPU hose burst the pressure is 5.72Mpa;

3. Good weather resistance, it can not be used continuously under the high temperature environment of 80℃ to 90℃ Modification, not embrittlement at low temperature. In addition, it has good wear resistance and oil resistance, It has a low affinity with non-mineral oils, and is hardly corroded in fuel oil. Thus, in developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States have long become mainstream fire hoses, and have even been used as an ordinary water pipe for washing flowers and grass.

Although the cost of TPU fire hose is more expensive than rubber and PVC hose. but comprehensively consider product performance, application efficiency, rate of product replacement, TPU hose can still show strong competitiveness.

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