Characteristics Of PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

Feb 17, 2020

PVC steel wire reinforced hose is a kind of hose that uses high-quality PVC raw materials and is covered with a layer of high-quality copper-plated steel wire as a support. This PVC hose is very common in the industry. It is extremely cold-resistant. The hose itself is Transparent and able to see the flow of internal objects, the internal hard steel wire reinforcement can still return to its original shape after compression, and it has a wide range of applications.

The interior of the PVC steel wire reinforced hose is smooth and translucent, and it does not belong to the same as the PU steel wire hose. The interior is concave and convex, so compared with the PU steel wire hose, the PVC steel wire reinforced hose can circulate Substances are much more limited. They can be used for various types of mechanical oil transportation, water connection assembly, factories, buildings, docks, oil drainage, water transportation, and also include factory exhaust powder raw material delivery pipes, underground pipeline systems, Sediment transportation, and these are a performance that PU hose cannot do.

So what are the main performance characteristics of PVC steel wire reinforced hoses? First of all, we mentioned earlier that PVC hoses are very cold-resistant, not only that, it has a wide range of applications, not only in industry but also in industry. In agriculture, the involved fields also include petroleum, steam, fire protection, etc. This is the characteristics of PVC hoses that have cold resistance and a wide range of applications;

PVC steel wire reinforced hose

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