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Jan 06, 2020

The correct selection of hydraulic hoses can ensure the safety of the entire hydraulic system, reasonably arrange space, and better control costs. The main points to note are:

First, according to the pressure of the hydraulic hose system, the number of steel wire layers of the hydraulic hose is selected. The pressure is high, and the number of steel wire layers is high. Each hydraulic hose has a maximum working pressure, and the burst pressure of the hose is 4 times the maximum working pressure. The higher the hose pressure resistance, the higher the price will be, so according to the actual system pressure, the maximum working pressure of the selected hydraulic hose is greater than the actual working pressure.

If the system's impact pressure is frequent, use a special pulse-resistant hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic high-pressure hose is an important connection in hydraulic systems and equipment. It can withstand high pressure and can be easily disassembled. It is widely used in the hydraulic industry.

Hydraulic hose consists of inner and outer rubber layers and steel wire braided layers. Depending on the pressure of the hydraulic hose, the number of steel wire layers is different. Generally, the steel wire layer is from 1 to 6 layers, and the maximum pressure can reach 60MPA. The inner rubber of the hydraulic hose is resistant to mineral oil, bio-oil, synthetic rubber with good swellability, and the outer layer is abrasion-resistant and anti-aging rubber. In the middle is a high tensile steel wire winding layer. Suitable media for hydraulic hoses are: mineral oil, oil-water mixture, polyethylene glycol-based oil, synthetic fat-based oil, rapeseed oil, etc. The suitable working temperature of the commonly used hose is: -40 ℃ --100 ℃, the highest temperature is 125 ℃.

Second, the inner diameter of the hose is selected according to the flow rate. If the diameter is too small, the flow rate of the medium in the tube will be increased, which will cause the system to heat up and reduce the efficiency. Cost, so the inner diameter of the hose must be appropriate. When the hose is fixed with a pipe clamp or the hose passes through a spacer such as a steel plate, pay attention to the outer diameter of the hose.

Third, you should pay attention to the bending radius of the high-pressure hose when selecting the high-pressure hose. The buckling length of the front joint should be subtracted when calculating the bending radius. If the bending radius of the installed hose is too small, it will reduce the pressure bearing capacity of the hose and affect its life.

Fourth, the joint form should be selected reasonably according to the hydraulic arrangement, such as: SAE flange joints, internal or external thread joints, 90, 45 and other joint angles and the overall hose assembly angle

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