Classification Of Industrial Hoses

Jun 24, 2019

Industrial hose as a kind of high performance material conveying hose, in people's daily life and industrial production has important applications, but according to the use of different raw materials and hose manufacturing, can be divided into several types, here we have to do a detailed understanding.
1. water hose
Application of water hose in people's daily life is very extensive, such as irrigation, agriculture, horticulture, fire protection, afforestation and so on, are very important. Because the water hose needs better waterproof ability, the inner rubber material of the hose is made of PVC and EPDM as raw materials, which is safe and reliable, and has been favored by many users.
2. steam hose
The steam pipe is mainly used in all kinds of steam transportation, which effectively ensures that the steam will not be cooled into water. In the automotive industry, engine cooling has greatly improved the performance of the car.
In addition, steam hose is widely used in power plants. When water is vaporized into steam in high temperature environment, it needs to be transported to generator set by high temperature steam hose to generate electricity. If the hose is not able to heat the high temperature steam and retrograde transportation, it will greatly reduce the amount of power generation.
3. food hose
Food hoses are mainly used in food, so most of them are made of PVC material, which has high safety and will not cause damage to human body. For example, we usually use the straw when we drink milk, which is a kind of food hose, which is convenient for people to drink beverages.
4. air industrial hose
The hose can be used in industrial and industrial equipment, such as air compressor, screw mining machine and so on, all of which need air industrial hoses. Compared with several types of hose, the hose has more stable performance and higher strength, and can not damage the equipment itself under high pressure.
5. chemical hose
Chemical hose is usually used in the transportation of various chemical reagents. It has excellent corrosion resistance, and can effectively reduce the corrosion of acid and alkali solvents. The inner rubber material of chemical hose is generally EPDM, which ensures the safety of hose.

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