Common Problems With Compressed Air Hoses

May 25, 2020

1. Will a damaged air hose cause the air compressor to fail to work?
The air compressor works independently of the air hose and connected pneumatic tools. Air compressor failure may be caused by mechanical failure, power switch failure or other circuit problems. The main problem you may encounter when using damaged hoses is that frequent leaks and broken hoses may stab you backwards.

2. Do I need to use lubricated hose fittings?
Not recommended because many lubricants can corrode hose materials, especially rubber. In addition, the connector is not a movable part that needs lubrication. Once it is sealed on the air compressor, you may never need to remove it unless you clean the air hose. However, if the connector is stuck, you can use a neutral oil-based lubricant to remove the connector.

3. Will low temperature damage the air hose?
Frosted hoses may rupture, tear, and eventually leak at the connector. However, most air hoses are designed to resist freezing and cracking even at sub-zero temperatures. If your hose freezes in this situation, you can apply a thin layer of antifreeze on the hose and connector to make it more weather resistant.

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