Expandable Garden Hose Features

Mar 09, 2020

Expandable garden hoses are products we think make gardening an absolute breeze, especially if you have flowers in your garden. Watering flowers can be a hassle, but this expandable garden hose makes watering flowers a quick and easy task.

The inflatable garden hose is another outstanding inflatable hose with a three-layer latex core. The hose's core is tough, durable and extremely unlikely to leak. The casing of the hose is made of polyester silk material. When exposed to high water pressure, the hose can expand to three times its original length.

All connectors inside the expandable garden hose are made of solid brass. The hose also has a self-locking connector, which greatly reduces the chance of leakage and rupture. If you are worried about having to buy a nozzle, you don't need to worry. This model has a nozzle with 9 different spray settings.

Advantages of expandable garden hoses:
Expandable garden hose with on / off valve. Using such a valve is useful because it means you don't have to return to the faucet every time you want to open or close the water. This expandable hose will be a good choice for those who know they have to do some different tasks at once.

Expandable Garden Hose Features:
Brass fittings are sturdy, heat resistant, and less prone to rust over time
The inflatable hose has a triple latex core and is durable.
Water flow is three times the original length

Expandable garden hoses

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