Features of Wear-Resistant Fire Hose

Feb 10, 2020

For high-rise buildings, the facades of buildings are usually constructed with glass curtain walls, and it is difficult to lay fire hoses vertically. If an internal fire occurs, a fire hose must be laid along the stairs before fire fighting, which affects the fire. During the time of fire fighting, during the use of our fire hose, there are metal quick connectors on both ends, which can be connected to another hose to extend the distance or to the nozzle to increase the liquid spray pressure.

Wear-Resistant Fire hoses are hoses used to transport flame-resistant liquids, such as high-pressure water or foam. Traditional fire hoses (fire hoses) are lined with rubber and linen woven fabrics. Advanced fire hoses are made of polyurethane and other polymer materials. There is a metal discussion in the middle of the fire hose, and another hose can be connected to extend the interval or to the nozzle to increase the liquid radiation pressure.

The characteristics of wear-resistant fire hose are as follows:
1. The fabric layer of fire hose should be evenly woven, with a clean appearance, without double warp, double warp breakage, weft jump and scratches.
2. The fire hose lining (or cover layer) is uniform in thickness, smooth in appearance, and free from defects such as wrinkles.
3. The nominal size of the fire hose and the inside diameter of the public utility must comply with the rules.
4. The length and size of fire hoses shall comply with public service rules.
5. The working pressure and pressure resistance of the fire hose must not be lower than the specified values.

Wear-Resistant Fire hoses are hoses used to transport water in a fire. They can be divided into lined fire hoses and non-lined fire hoses according to their materials. Among them, the unlined fire hose has the characteristics of low pressure resistance, high resistance, easy leakage, mildew, short life, etc., and is suitable for laying in the field of building fire protection. Good, not easy to leak, low resistance, can also be arbitrarily bent. Free to move and easy to use, it is suitable for laying and connecting fire trucks in the field.

Features of Wear-Resistant Fire HoseWear-Resistant Fire Hose

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