Food-grade silicone hose performance

Nov 04, 2019

Food-grade silicone hose is the use of high anti-tear and high-transparent gas-phase adhesive as raw materials, through scientific mixing, extrusion, vulcanization process molding. It has excellent resistance to high temperature 250 degrees C, low temperature characteristics, ozone resistance, UV resistance, resilience is also better, at the same time, it does not have any odor and toxicity, in line with food grade FDA certification / ROHS / SGS / LFGB and other certification. In today's healthy diet, food-grade silicone has gradually replaced food-grade plastic, widely used in small household appliances (coffee pots, kettles, hot irons, rice cookers, fryers, disinfection cabinets, water dispensers, pulp machines, bread machines, burning gear, water heaters, etc.) and medical equipment, furniture equipment, machinery and industrial equipment, such as support, living home, Kitchen applications, daily necessities, etc.

1. Medical silicone hose can be a rapid proformofation of vulcanization, the production process of vulcanization speed, full cross-linking between molecules, no low molecular precipitation, no odor, no need for two-stage vulcanization, improve production efficiency, save production costs.
2. The product after the molding of the medical silicone hose is high transparency, high hygiene grade, with the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and tastelessness
3. Food, medical grade, easily through the United States FDA, Germany LMBG, LFGB food grade certification and other rigorous testing.
4. Medical silicone hose transparency is very good, because the vulcanizer A/B are transparent paste.
5. In the medical field, medical-grade silicone tubes do not cause harm to human tissue, will not cause foreign reactions after entering human tissue, and do not cause inflammation of surrounding tissues
6. Improved mechanical performance: due to the use of platinum vulcanized silicone rubber add-on reaction, different from the original condensation reaction, silicone rubber molecules combined better, so that the tensile strength of silicone tube, tear-resistant strength, low shrinkage, back elasticity greatly improved.
7. Strong resistance to high and low temperature performance, in high temperature will not deform, will not produce decomposition of harmful substances, physiological inertia, resistance to biological aging performance.

Food-grade silicone hose       Food-grade silicone hose

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