High Pressure Steel Wire Spiraled Rubber Hose

Dec 02, 2019

High- pressure rubber hose and assembly produced by our company,with the foreign advanced technology, have the merits of high tightness,long service life, and good oil resistance. The working temperature of our products can range -40°C~ +120°C and they can be appropriate for the hydraulic,oil-carrying, or lubricating parts of all kinds of mechanical equipment.

Hydraulic Hose Product Features:
High pressure resistance,good grease resistance,good Acid-Alkaline resistance,aging resistance strong wear resistance,nice surface appearance, smmoth inner surface,small fluid resaistance ,long lifespand, Environmental pllution free.

Hydraulic Hose Applicataion:
Hydraulic wrench,hydraulic bolt preloader ,high pressure oil pump ,hydraulic jack,recue equipment,entry tool,mine machines and othjer kinds of hydraulic tools and hydrailic machines.

High Pressure Steel Wire Spiraled Rubber Hose
High Pressure Steel Wire Spiraled Rubber Hose

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