How to choose PVC steel wire hose?

Mar 16, 2020

● Select the caliber of PVC steel wire hose. Wear-resistant PVC steel wire hoses are generally connected by hose clamps, which is convenient and simple. Therefore, you need to determine the size of the hose before purchasing.

● Choose the type of PVC steel wire hose. The PVC steel wire hose is divided into ordinary type, reinforced type and electrostatic discharge type. According to the different materials to be transported, determine the type of hose required. Anti-static hoses are mainly used to transport some materials that are prone to static electricity. PVC fiber reinforced steel wire hoses are used to transport or suck some abrasive dust or dry materials .

PVC steel wire hose

● Select the wall thickness of PVC steel wire hose and determine it according to the pressure. Generally, the thicker the wall thickness of the hose, the worse the bendability and the better the abrasion resistance. Therefore, when choosing, it will be determined according to the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the conveyed material.

● Determine the operating temperature, and use steel wire hoses within a suitable temperature range to avoid unnecessary damage to the hose caused by excessive temperature.

● After the PVC steel wire hose is installed, it should be inspected regularly. If abnormal conditions are found, repair and replacement should be performed immediately. The service life of PVC steel wire hose mainly depends on the working environment and the conveying medium and the working pressure.

● When storing PVC steel wire hose, it should be placed in a place with relatively good ventilation performance. Avoid sunlight, otherwise it will accelerate the ageing of the hose.

PVC steel wire hose

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