How to choose the right air hose?

Apr 06, 2020

The main factors to consider when choosing an air hose are its material, required length and inner diameter. You also need to pay attention to the working environment, the type of tools used, the distance to the air compressor and the budget.

Hose material
1. Mixed hose, mixed air hose of PVC and rubber has extremely high flexibility and durability even under severe temperature. If you have been frustrated by the kinked air hose and it is difficult to untie, this is your choice.
2. Polyurethane hose and polyurethane air hose are considered to be "all-round" options. It weighs less than comparable hybrid and PVC options, which is a factor you will love after dragging it to the worksite all day. It also remains flexible at the most likely operating temperature.
3. PVC hose is very durable and wear-resistant. It is considered an economic choice. Although not as flexible as the above varieties, it is great to work in warm weather.

Hose length
Generally, the length of an air hose is 50 feet or 100 feet, with a few exceptions. Most people will choose the 100-foot option because it maximizes their distance from the air compressor. This will be particularly beneficial if it does not require an extension cord. If the size is incorrect, the extension cord may be difficult for the motor.

Hose Inner Diameter
The most common inner diameters are 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch. Many people choose 1 / 4-inch hose because it is lighter than 3 / 8-inch hose. Rolled up, it is easier to carry and store with you. Of course, it does not matter if the price of 1/4 inch hose is lower than the price of its 3/8 inch hose.

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