How to choose the right Industrial Hose?

Oct 18, 2018

Many customers will ask how to choose the right industrial hose? How to determine which industrial hose is right for you? What are the external factors for industrial hoses? We have collated and responded to these general questions.

1. Determine the size of your job?
The inner diameter, outside diameter, length and tolerances of the hose.

2. Determine your circulating media?
Liquid, solid, chemical composition, concentration, type and size.

3. Determine your working conditions?
Working pressure, burst pressure, continuous or intermittent use.

4. Other parameters to consider?
Hose weight, elasticity, bending radius, electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, softness, color, the surface of the hose printing trademark.

5. What is the structure of the hose?
Smooth surface, surface welding. The reinforcing layer has a wire helix, wire braid, fiber preparation, multilayer synthetic fabric or other.

6. Which fittings are used for the industrial hose assembly?
Joint, internal screw, external screw, welding, pipe clamp, crimping, throat hoop.

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