How to distinguish the quality of PU Hose?

May 17, 2019

1. Observe whether the wall thickness is uniform. The good quality PU hose is a standard circle. If uneven, working under greater pressure, it is easy to force uneven resistance to the PU hose burst or deformation, affecting the normal use.

2. Observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the wall of the PU hose, and whether they are colorless and transparent. The tube wall of high quality PU hose is crystal clear without any impurities. And the color of the defective PU hose yellowish, may be in the production process due to improper treatment has been decomposed, aging or long-term improper storage caused.

3, high-quality PU hose except for a little plastic odor without the smell of any other petrochemical products. And the shoddy PU hose has a pungent smell of diesel, especially in the hot summer people are not able to get close.

4, high-quality PU hose outside the pipe wall is very smooth, good feel, and low quality pipe is relatively rough.

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