How to extend the life of silicone hoses?

Mar 30, 2020

How can I extend the life of silicone hoses? Some customers have asked if there are any problems with long-term use of silicone hoses, how to reduce damage, and how to extend the service life. Silicone hose manufacturers explain to you two factors today:

1. External factors
Generally speaking, the causes of shortening the life of silicone hoses are affected by various external factors, such as excessive processing, light and heat, oxidation, radiation, and mechanical fatigue. Among these external causes, the effect of ozone activity is greater.

According to scientific reports, the amount of ozone in the atmosphere has increased, and the chemical activities that have taken place have also increased. The end result is that the silica molecules in the silicone hose are oxidized and the molecular chains are broken, which changes the properties of the silica gel. , Shortening its life.

In addition, when the silicone hose is in a humid and light environment for a long time, it is easy to accelerate its aging speed without proper protection measures.

2. Installation issues
If the market price of the silicone hose connector and the hose assembly is not taken by the workers, the service life of the food-grade silicone hose will also be shortened if the correct installation method and method are not adopted, especially when the bend of the hose is installed. Small, improper use of joints, or random twisting of the hose itself are incorrect installations that shorten life.

These factors will affect the life of the silicone hose, so it must be reasonably avoided during use, so as to extend the life.

How to extend the life of silicone hoses?

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