How to improve the life of rubber hoses?

Aug 12, 2019

1. Industrial hose according to the design of different applications of different areas, industrial hose can only be used to transport the design of materials, can not transport the medium beyond the range, otherwise it is to reduce the service life of industrial hose.

2. Different structures of industrial hoses can withstand different pressures, if beyond the pressure range of the hose, will cause great damage, hoses may be directly scrapped.

3. The normal industrial hose use temperature is at -40 degrees C to 120 degrees C, if out of range, will have less service life.

4. Industrial hoses cannot be used in environments less than the bending radius, as this may hinder material transmission and damage to industrial hoses.

5. Industrial hoses should be careful of sharp objects when handling them, and do not twist or flatten hoses.

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