How to judge the quality of hydraulic hose?

Aug 19, 2019

Hydraulic hoses should pay attention to quality inspection. Since the diameter of the hydraulic hose and the outer diameter of the skeleton layer are not strong, if the vibration scale exceeds the promised limit, the balance of the adhesion of the hose joint cannot be ensured, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of the hose assembly. Therefore, regarding the production of rubber hose assemblies, it is necessary to strictly check whether the inner and outer diameters of the structural layers meet the requirements.

Due to the pain of the rubber layer in the hydraulic hose and the joint width between the structural layers of the hydraulic hose quality inspection, the wall thickness error is too large. If the wall thickness error exceeds the allowable range, it will affect the sealing ability and tensile strength of the rubber tube assembly, and may even form some deflection of the rubber tube assembly joint. Therefore, the quality inspection of the hydraulic hose should strictly control the wall thickness error of the hose. Generally, hoses with a wall thickness of more than 0.5 mm should be strictly selected.

The hydraulic hose should have good integrity, that is, the quality inspection of the hydraulic hose: each structural layer should have high adhesion, and the glue between the layers should form a whole. This type of talent is used for various skill requirements in the joint device and fastening process, and ensures high pressure and power quality testing requirements for rubber hose installation. Therefore, it is necessary to control the adhesion between the layers of the rubber hose not lower than the technical standard, and select a high-adhesive rubber hose to produce rubber hose parts.

The appearance quality of hydraulic hoses cannot be ignored. It not only affects the appearance quality of the hydraulic hose assembly, but also affects the quality of its use. If there are air bubbles, pores or mechanical damage in the rubber, the skeleton layer and the skeleton layer will form corrosion, which will reduce the shrinkage strength of the hose, directly affecting the service life of the hose assembly, and may even occur during use. Therefore, attention should be paid to the appearance and quality of the hose, and the appearance defects affecting the quality inspection of the hydraulic hose assembly should be eliminated.

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