How to select a hydraulic hose assembly

Jul 29, 2019

How to select a hydraulic hose assembly:

There are many factors affecting the use of high-pressure hose assembly, as long as the correct selection of hose and joints according to the working conditions, in order to ensure the practical use of the hose.

1, Hose size
The inner diameter of the hose should be appropriate, if the tube selection tube clamp fixed or the hose through the steel plate and other distance, also pay attention to the outer diameter size of the hose.

2, Temperature range
The hose should be used within the temperature range promised by the hose quality standard, and if work is carried out in succession, it should often be cooled down.

3, Impact pressure and tired life
The selection of the hose is based on the highest pressure value planned by the hydraulic system. Impact pressure will not seriously affect the fatigue life of the hose, the impact pressure is particularly frequent hydraulic system, advocate the choice of extra-resistant pulsating impact of the hose products.

4, Chemical compatibility
If special hydraulic media are used, the user should ensure that the selected hose assembly is compatible with the media in the inner and outer layers, joints and O-shaped seals.

5, Work pressure
In accordance with the safety factor of the hydraulic hose of the relevant international standard rules, the working pressure of the general referral is generally one quarter of the minimum blasting pressure value of the hose.

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