How to store hydraulic hose?

Jul 22, 2019

1. During the storage of hydraulic hoses, it is strictly forbidden to stack heavy objects on the pipe body and prevent external crushing and damage.
2. During the storage of hydraulic hoses, it should not exceed two years, and the principle of first-in-first-out should be implemented to prevent the quality of the hose from being affected due to storage for too long.
3. The hydraulic hose should be stored in a slack state as much as possible. Generally, the hose with an inner diameter of 76mm or less can be coiled (but the inner diameter of the disc should be no less than 15 times the inner diameter of the hose).
4. In order to prevent the hydraulic hose from being deformed under pressure during storage, the stacking should not be too high. Generally, the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m. Hydraulic hoses are required to change places frequently during storage, generally not less than once every quarter.
5. The storage room for storing hydraulic hoses should be kept clean and ventilated. The relative temperature should be below 80%. The temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -15~+40°C, and the hose should be protected from direct sunlight and rain and snow. Drain to prevent the hose from aging during storage.
6. When storing hydraulic hoses, they should be placed according to different product specifications and marked with identification plates. Do not mix them.
7. When the hydraulic hose is stored, it should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents or other corrosive liquids or gases, and should be separated from the heat source by 1m.

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