Hydraulic Hose Construction

Jul 09, 2019

Hydraulic Hose Construction

Most hydraulic hose consists of three main parts. They have an inner tube to carry the fluid. Next is a reinforcement layer, followed by a protective outer layer.

The inner tube is flexible and compatible with the fluid it will carry. A common compound is a combination of synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, and PTFE (Teflon).

The reinforcement layer has multiple sheaths. The sheaths include spiral-wound wire, braided wire, or textile yarn. The outer layer is often resistant to abrasion, oil, or weather, depending on its intended use.

Types Of Hydraulic Hose

In addition to reinforced hose, hydraulic hose can be coiled, convoluted, or corrugated. Reinforced hoses come in several materials. Some of those materials include wire helix, textile braid, and wire braid.

Coiled hose is the choice for elasticity and flexibility. This makes coiled hose expandable as well as easy to store away.

Corrugated hose has pleats (corrugations) or spiral convolutions that increase flexibility. The result is a greater capacity for compression and elongation.

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