Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose

Dec 16, 2019

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Structure:
Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Consists of inner tube, middle layer, one or two wire reinforcements and cover. Inner tube is to transmit liquid under pressure and protect wire against corrosion while cover is to protect wire against abrasion, wire layer is the structure materials that providing reinforcement.

It is enclosed with a black and oil resistant cover which is also integrated with a synthetic rubber. Its cover also comes with a color-optional line of marking. Its tube is black in color and is built with an oil-resistant tube material which enables high pressure and high temperature functionality.

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Specifications:
1. Complete Range of Size from 3/16" to 4"
2. Various Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gray
3. Different Surface: Smooth or Wrapped
4. Different Marking: Printing or Engraved
5. Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber
6. Cover: Abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber
7. Temperature range: -40 degree centigrade To +100 degree centigrade

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Application:
Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oil exploration, suitable to engineer construction, crane transport, forging metallurgy, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery various machine tools.

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose Advantage:
1. We have acquired CE, CCC, ISO 9001: 2000, SAE and Quality Management System Certificate.
2. The product is easy for you to use, and you can use it freely.
3. The error is controled within 0.12mm.
4. We are looking forward to your inquiry about the details of our product and our company.

Notice About Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose:
1. The hose should not be used to exceed the designed pressure.
2. The temperature of the medium being conveyed through the hose should be in the normal case, or reduce the use life of the hose.
3. The hose should not be used less than the minimum bend radius of the hose, in order to avoid bending near the pipe joints.
4. The hose should be handled carefully, and should not drag on the sharp and rough surface, should not be bent and squashed.
5. Pls keep the hose clean and prevent external objects into the hose, in case of hindering the transmission fluid and damaging the equipment.
6. If the hose’s weight cause excessive deformation,the hose should be supported.

Hydraulic Wire Braid Rubber Hose

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