Industrial Rubber Hose Detailed Introduction

Jan 13, 2020

Industrial rubber hoses include fiber braided hoses, steel wire braided hoses, and steel wire wound hoses. The hose consists of an inner rubber layer, a reinforcement layer and an outer rubber layer. Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohol, fuel oil, lubricating oil, emulsion, etc.

Industrial rubber hose features:
1. The rubber hose is made of special synthetic rubber. It has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.
2. The rubber hose has high bearing pressure and excellent pulse performance.
3. The rubber hose body is tightly coupled, soft to use, and less deformed under pressure.
4. Rubber hose has excellent resistance to bending and fatigue.
5. The length of steel wire braided hose is large. The fixed length above φ32 is 20 meters, and below φ25 can reach ten meters or even more than 100 meters.

Industrial rubber hose detailed introduction

Brief introduction of industrial rubber hose:

1. Industrial rubber hose appearance:
Unlike rigid pipes, the biggest feature of industrial rubber hoses is their flexibility. According to the different working conditions and performance requirements, the design of hoses varies widely. Common parameters include size, pressure, weight, length, bending, chemical durability, etc.

2. Industrial rubber hose characteristics:
Compared with civilian hoses, industrial rubber hoses have a more complex and harsh industrial operating environment, and the equipment has more stringent requirements for conveying pipes. Therefore, industrial hoses range from design and material selection to production, transportation and even final storage Strict norms and standards.

3. Industrial rubber hose size:
Industrial rubber hoses are available in a wide range of sizes, with a wide range of pressure and temperature, and higher chemical resistance.

4. Industrial rubber hose application:
The application fields of industrial rubber hoses cover various industrial production and distribution fields, and are widely used in petroleum, chemical, ship, dock, tank truck, agriculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, Fire fighting, hydraulic, media such as gas, water, fog, mud, sand, iron, etc.

5. Industrial rubber hose process:
Industrial rubber hoses, regardless of whether the medium is water, gas, oil, chemicals or other, usually have inner rubber, outer rubber and intermediate layer. The middle layer is usually composed of braided components, which strengthens the strength of the hose. In addition, there is a common embedded steel wire between the inner and outer rubber, which is suitable for vacuum negative pressure operation. There are also conductive wires, suitable for working environments where sparks are prohibited, such as fuel.

Industrial rubber hose detailed introduction

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