Industrial vacuum pipe, PVC vacuum hose

Jun 17, 2019

The inner surface of the industrial vacuum hose is very smooth, when using do not worry about a large amount of dust and so on because of the vacuum hose inner wall and adhere to the inner wall of the vacuum hose caused a blockage, because the vacuum hose inner wall smooth reason, the dust sucked in will not gather in its inner wall, usually along the vacuum hose wall into the vacuum cleaner dust storage bag inside the storage. Another excellent performance of vacuum hose is its wear and bending ability is very strong, is different hose wear and bending degree of more than 5 times, when using we usually do not have to worry about the vacuum hose will be because we bend or collide on the object and break, of course, vacuum hose use is still careful, We can't use it without care because of its wear and bendability, not to protect and maintain it, which will only shorten the life of our industrial vacuum hoses, and the ultimate loss will only be our own. Finally, industrial vacuum hose stoicism is non-toxic, harmless, halogen-free, is in line with the requirements of social environmental directives, and the material is soft, can withstand tearing, twisting, chemicals and other extreme situations. Good mechanical properties, can be applied to industrial production of enterprises for different requirements for vacuuming.

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