Introduction to PVC Fiber-Reinforced Hoses

Oct 28, 2019

PVC fiber-reinforced hose bending resistance is better, divided into two glue first line, three glue first line, three glue two lines and other structures, widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, chemical, manufacturing, food and other industries, when used in its smaller turning radius above the conditions, generally smaller turning radius is 4 times that of other pipes, Its installation flexibility is its more prominent characteristics, pvc fiber-reinforced hose on the use of the site has no special requirements, basically all locations can be used;

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Advantages:
● Pressure resistance: PVC hose water pressure strength, external pressure strength, impact strength, etc. are very good, at room temperature, suitable for a variety of conditions of pipe fitting works.
● Aggressive, drug-resistant: PVC hose has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
● Long life: PVC hose in the current world recognized service life of more than 50 years.
● Good water tightness: PVC hose joining, regardless of the use of live sleeve port or TS port joint, have a good water tightness.
● Fluid resistance is small, large flow: PVC hose wall is very smooth, the resistance to the fluid is very small, its rough coefficient is only 0.009, in the same caliber, the flow is larger, and does not attach scale.

Precautions for the use of PVC fiber-reinforced hoses:
1. Do not crush PVC fiber-reinforced hoses with vehicles, etc.
2. Do not directly contact PVC fiber-reinforced hoses or approach an open flame.
3. Do not use in extreme bending near metal parts.
4. Always use a fiber-reinforced hose within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, slowly open/close any valves to avoid impact pressure and damage to the hose. The hose expands and contracts slightly as its internal pressure changes, cutting the hose to a slightly longer length than you need to use.
5. The PVC fiber-reinforced hose used should be suitable for the loaded fluid. Consult a professional when not sure whether the hose used is suitable for a fluid.

PVC fiber-reinforced hoses:      red PVC fiber-reinforced hoses

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