Introduction to PVC Garden Hose

Jun 10, 2019

PVC Garden Hose is now a very large number of applications, today to introduce you to the advantages of garden hose.
1, The Appearance of Color: PVC Garden Hose mainly to blue, yellow, green mainly, with beautiful and generous characteristics. And can also be customized according to user needs of a variety of colors.
2, The Use of Characteristics: the use of water pipe length can be arbitrary stitching, easy to move, strong maneuverability, storage can be stacked, the footprint of small space.
3, Performance Characteristics: Strong corrosion resistance, cold and pressure resistance, not easy to aging, no deformation, service life than rubber tubes and other plastic tubes longer.
4, The Scope of Use: PVC garden hose is widely used, at present mainly for farmland, gardens, grasslands, mining areas, oil fields, buildings and other places of drainage, irrigation.

PVC Garden Hose

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