Introduction to the method of storage of rubber hoses

Aug 12, 2019

Due to the natural nature of rubber, the physical properties and performance levels of all rubber products change. This change usually occurs over time depending on the type of rubber used. However, it can also accelerate change due to several factors or a combination of several factors. Other materials used to reinforce rubber hoses may also be adversely affected by inappropriate storage conditions. The following recommendations include a series of precautions to prevent objects from aging in storage to a greater extent.

1. Storage time should be used in a rotation planning system to minimize the storage time of rubber hoses. If long storage cannot be avoided and the following recommendations are not observed, the rubber hose sits should be thoroughly checked before use.

2. Physical storage conditions, rubber hose storage must avoid mechanical pressure, including transition stretching, compression or deformation, to avoid contact with sharp or sharp objects. Rubber hoses are stored on suitable brackets or placed on dry ground. The coiled rubber hoses must be stored horizontally and the rubber hoses should not be stacked. If stacking cannot be avoided, the stackheight should not cause a sexual deformation of the rubber hose spout spestion. As a rule, avoid rubber hoses around posts or hooks. If the rubber hose is shipped with a straight tube, it is recommended to store it horizontally without bending it.

Introduction to the method of storage of rubber hoses

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