Maintenance and use of Rubber Air Hose

Sep 16, 2020

1. How to use rubber air hose

It is very important to determine the length of the rubber hose required. We also need to check whether the usage conditions of the rubber hose are suitable for the working environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that you purchase the correct rubber air hose from Hiteck. The working pressure value should be carefully determined. Special attention should be paid to sudden pressure changes or peak pressure exceeding the maximum allowable value, which will greatly shorten the service life of the rubber hose.

Textile Reinforced Air Hose-1
2. Installation of rubber air hose
If the rubber air hose is installed when the bending radius is less than the specified minimum value, the service life of the air hose will be greatly shortened. Therefore, before installation, it is recommended that you consult, especially the bending radius information of the rubber air hose.
wire reinforced air hose-1
3. Maintenance of air rubber hose
Cleaning: It is recommended to empty the hose after use. If necessary, it should be cleaned.
Inspection: After each use, the rubber hose must be inspected to ensure that there is no structural damage.
Pressure: If the rubber air hose is subjected to huge pressure during use, or the outer layer of the rubber tube is in contact with the conveyed liquid for a long time, a hydraulic test is recommended.
Storage recommendations for rubber air hoses
Due to the natural characteristics of rubber, the physical properties and performance levels of all rubber products will change. Depending on the type of rubber used, changes usually occur over time. Improper storage conditions can also negatively affect other materials used to reinforce rubber hoses. The following recommendations include a series of preventive measures to prevent maximum aging of rubber air hoses.

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