Maintenance of excavator hydraulic hoses

Mar 23, 2020

The hydraulic hose is a relatively delicate part of the excavator, and a set of hydraulic hose is expensive. If you want to extend the service life of the hydraulic hose, the most important thing is that the driver should be gentle when he works, and do not do high-intensity and high-risk actions. In addition, proper maintenance methods also greatly affect the life of hydraulic hoses. Here we introduce the maintenance methods of several hydraulic hoses:

1. Use hydraulic hose protective sleeve
Gear pumps and plunger pumps have oil pulsations when they work. Such pulsations can cause high-frequency vibrations in hydraulic hoses. Such high-frequency vibrations cannot be completely eliminated.

Therefore, the hydraulic hose has a special hose protection sleeve, PP Spiral Guard and Steel Spring Guard

2. Prevent friction of hydraulic hose
Some excavators' hydraulic hoses were later equipped by themselves, the length was not suitable, it was easy to interfere with the big and small arms, or the situation of bending. Friction will wear the outer wall of the hydraulic hose, causing the outer wall to become locally thin. Under the action of high pressure, it is easy to burst.

3. Do not let the hydraulic hose come into contact with diesel fuel
Try not to let the hydraulic hose contact the gasoline and diesel oil. Although the hydraulic hose is oil resistant, diesel and gasoline have certain corrosiveness. Generally, rubber will swell in the gasoline and diesel for a long time, and the gel will be fluffy.

4. Install the hydraulic hoses correctly
Install the hydraulic hose on the excavator, and make sure that it is installed correctly to avoid oil leakage and wear.

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