Metal hose pressure range

Aug 26, 2019

Metal hoses are an important part of the modern industry. Metal hoses are used for wire and cable, wire and cable protection tubes for automated instrumentation signals, and civil shower hoses, ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-diameter metal hoses (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) are mainly used for sensing line protection of precision optical scales and industrial sensor line protection. Metal hose products include oil suction hoses, steam hoses, sandblasting hoses, acid and alkali hoses, food hoses, oxygen hoses and various special hoses. Widely used in machinery, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, food and other industries.



What is the pressure range of the pressure-resistant metal hose: the pressure range of the hose is generally PN0.6 - 32.0Mpa. Up to 42.0MPa. The metal hose is the main pressure-bearing part of the hose installed in the pressure pipeline, and at the same time, the bellows is sheathed. According to the pressure in the pipeline and the application place, one or more layers of stainless steel wire or steel strip can be selected. Weaving.

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