Methods for maintaining hydraulic hoses

Oct 21, 2019

Improper installation of hydraulic hoses can significantly reduce their performance and service life, and hose distortion can torque the connector, which can easily loosen the connector nut, resulting in leaks and ruptures of the hoses.

A bending radius large enough to prevent damage to the hydraulic hose and create throttle, and a small bending radius can seriously shorten the life of the hose and cause excessive pressure loss, thus reducing efficiency. Pressure causes a change in the length of the hose, with a rate of about -4% to 2%. Therefore, the installation of wire braided hydraulic hoseshould should be left with a margin, otherwise long-term use will lead to leakage at the connector, or even pull ediside from the hose connector.

How do I maintain the hydraulic hose assembly?
● If the hydraulic hose is used in a frictional environment for a long time, a spiral protective sleeve is required to reduce the coefficient of friction to prevent breakage and reduce service life.
● Used hydraulic hoses should clean the internal tube residue in a timely manner and put in some media to close it.
● Do not store hydraulic hoses outdoors to avoid UV rays and contamination to prevent hoses from aging
● If a safety hazard is found, it is not recommended to repair the hydraulic hose, replace the new rubber hose immediately to avoid accidents and personal injury.
● The long-term use of hydraulic hoses need to be regularly checked, in time to replace the joint wear, skin wear and aging hydraulic hoses.
● Clean the surface of the hydraulic hose to avoid surface residues of production or corrosive materials.


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