Notes on using Compressed Air Hoses

May 25, 2020

● Select the appropriate inner diameter and accessories of the air hose

● Select professional compressed air hoses to prevent wear, cutting, crushing and continuous bending to damage.

● Select an air supply hose with a minimum working pressure rating of 1035 kPa (150 psig) or 150% of the maximum pressure generated in the system, whichever is higher.

● Regularly check the hose for cuts, bumps and scratches. If there is a defect, please mark and replace.

● Make sure that the hose connector is properly installed and equipped with a mechanical device for fixing the connector (for example, a chain, wire or forced locking device).

● Install pressure release type instead of separate type quick disconnect. Connect the male end of the connector to a pneumatic tool instead of a hose.

● Do not use the air hose in an environment higher than the manufacturer's rated working pressure.

● When not using or replacing power tools, turn off the air pressure of the hose.

● Avoid tripping hazards caused by hoses crossing sidewalks or bent soles.

● Do not use compressed air to blow debris or clean dirt on clothing.

Notes on using Compressed Air Hoses

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