Pay attention to those problems when selecting hydraulic hoses

Jul 29, 2019

Here are the considerations for selecting hydraulic hoses:

1, According to the pressure of the system, choose the number of high-pressure hose wire layers, the higher the pressure, the number of layers of wire.
Each tube has one maximum operating pressure, and the blasting pressure of the hose is four times the maximum operating pressure. The higher the pressure resistance of the hose, the higher the price will be, so according to the actual system pressure selection of the hose working pressure.

2, According to the flow of the choice of high-pressure tube internal diameter
Too small tube diameter will increase the flow rate of the medium in the tube so that the system heats up, reduces efficiency, and will produce too large pressure drop, affect the performance of the whole system, the pipe diameter is too large will increase the cost, so the inner diameter of the tube should be appropriate. When the hose is fixed with a tube clip or the hose passes through the steel plate and other spacers, also pay attention to the outer diameter dimensions of the hose.

3, In the selection of hydraulic tube should pay attention to the bending radius of the hydraulic hose
The buckle length of the front connector should be subtracted when calculating the bending radius, if the installed hose bending radius is too small to reduce the pressure capacity of the hose and affect its life.

4, According to the hydraulic arrangement reasonable selection of the form of joints
Such as: SAE flange joint, internal thread joint or external thread joint, 90, 45 and other connector angles and the overall hose assembly angle. The above is the high-pressure hose manufacturers summarized the choice of high-pressure hose notes, I hope to help you.

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