Performance and Application of Pressure Resistant Silicone Hose

Mar 30, 2020

Performance of pressure resistant silicone hose:
1. Pressure-resistant silicone hose has high pressure resistance, high tear resistance and excellent electrical properties;
2. The pressure-resistant silicone hose is non-toxic, odorless, and does not yellow after long-term use;
3. Cold resistance, high temperature resistance, pressure resistant silicone hose continuous temperature resistance up to -60 ℃ ~ 260 ℃
4. High softness, good elasticity, pressure-resistant silicone hose does not distort, high flame resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance;
5. Pressure-resistant silicone hose is resistant to high pressure, ranging from 2.5MPa to 4.0MPa;

Pressure silicone hose application:
Pressure-resistant silicone hose is mainly used in food, sanitation, medical, machinery, hardware, automotive, electronics and other industries. It is water, oil and other liquids (conveying milk, beverages, shochu, Jam, etc.), good pipeline for gas. It can meet the various needs of your different working environment. The pressure resistant silicone hose is 4 times more resistant than the ordinary silicone hose. The pressure resistant silicone hose meets the FDA and ROHS standards. It is an absolutely reliable product.

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