Pneumatic hose

May 17, 2019

Pneumatic hose also known as (pneumatic tube, PU hose, air pressure hose), the use of high-quality TPU raw materials manufacturing, stable quality, high pressure resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, resistance to twists and turns.

The tube body is smooth and flexible, bright color, high elasticity, resistant to winding, small bending radius.

Temperature range: -15--+70 degree.

Pneumatic Hose Characteristics:

1. Transparent hoses have a high degree of transparency, and the state of media flow is clearly visible.

2. The use of high-elasticity polyurethane raw materials manufacturing, so that the pneumatic tube has a small bending radius, easier to install.

3. Yellow resistance to more than 3 levels, not easy to turn yellow.

4. Color hose Using imported weather-resistant color powder, made of color tube color standard, bright, long-term work does not fade.

Pneumatic Hose Application Range:

Assemble all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic automation machinery, air compressor and all kinds of connecting pneumatic components.

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