Pneumatic tube introduction

Sep 23, 2019

Pneumatic tube has many varieties, generally using PU raw materials to produce, stable quality, high pressure, climate resistance, wear resistance, twists and turns, smooth and flexible tube body, bright colors, high elasticity, winding resistance, bending radius is small.
The pneumatic tube body is smooth and flexible, bright in color, high elasticity, winding resistant, small bending radius.

Advantages of pneumatic tube:
● Excellent flexibility. Less bending radius and resistance to bending. Has a high elasticity to restore memory effect.
● Resistance to wear, tear, and impact. Resistant to some non-corrosive chemicals and oils. It can circulate flammable objects and can be welded.
● It can be 100% incineration into ash, which is an environmentally friendly product recognized.
● Good damping, smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient, high medium passing ability, good flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless.
● Colors can be customized as needed for easy pipe identification.

Polyurethane pneumatic hose is suitable for compressed air, ordinary industrial water, non-corrosive oil. To maintain a long service life, the face must be used at rated operating pressure and ambient temperature. As the temperature rises, the operating pressure should be reduced accordingly and the hose may break if the limit is exceeded. High fluid temperature or corrosive chemical costs of the fluid, which can lead to hose rupture, high working environment temperature or chemical gas in the working space, may cause the hose to crack, store in a damp place or storage period is too long, will cause hose hydrolysis or aging, may lead to fracture phenomenon
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