Structure And Application Of PU Steel Wire Hose

Mar 16, 2020

The PU steel wire hose is reinforced with a spiral galvanized steel wire, and the steel wire is wrapped by a layer of PU material. The smooth inner wall makes the material flow more smoothly. Compressible (stretch ratio 1: 5), light and soft. Abrasion resistance, mineral oil resistance and good weather resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. Particularly suitable for dynamic working environments. Compared with PVC steel wire hose, this process makes the hose have stronger bending tension, contains no halogen, and is more environmentally friendly. It can replace ordinary rubber reinforced pipes, PE pipes, soft and hard PVC pipes and some metal pipes.

The PU steel wire hose is manufactured by German production technology, with reliable product quality and high abrasion protection (abrasion resistance is 6 times higher than most rubber materials and 5 times higher than soft PVC), and the interior is smooth to optimize the flow characteristics. Scalable, high tensile strength and high tear strength.

PU Steel Wire Hose

Material of PU steel wire hose:
Wall: Polyurethane PU
Spiral wire: elastic steel wire
Temperature resistance range: About -40 ° C to + 100 ° C, short time up to + 120 ° C, customizable polyether polyurethane (PUR) temperature resistance up to 125 ° C, instantaneous up to 150 ° C.

Application of PU steel wire hose:
It is mainly used for abrasive suction applications, such as high-rate flowing and abrasive particles, grit, crushed stones, fine particles, useless glass, dust and chips, and suction and transmission of shavings or sawdust. Suitable for material transmission or dust removal in plastic industry, woodworking industry, ceramic industry, etc. It is also widely used in sweeping vehicles, road cleaning vehicles, weeders and other equipment. PU steel wire telescopic hose can also be used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry. This product can well meet the ventilation and vacuum requirements of various industries. If you need this product, please contact us.

PU Steel Wire Hose

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