The advantages of Teflon hoses

Sep 02, 2019

The advantages of Teflon hoses:

1. Difficult to glue
Teflon material, it is difficult to allow sticky substances to adhere to its surface, even if adhered to can be easily removed.
Application: Teflon hoses are widely used in gelatin, pectin and other high viscosity colloidal transport.

2. Heat resistance:
Teflon hoses have excellent heat resistance that other hoses do not have, while being able to withstand very low temperatures.
Continuous use temperature range: -70c to 260C (PTFE)
Application: Teflon hoses are used for the coolant transport of machinery such as automotive engines (using temperatures below -45 degrees C).

3. Resistance to corrosion:
Teflon is extremely inactive for almost all chemicals or solvents, thus becoming resistant to corrosion. Excellent results in the delivery application of chemicals.
Application: Teflon hoses are used in the transport of corrosive fluids (liquid bromide, formaldehyde, chromic acid, etc.) in chemical production lines.

4. Waterproof and oil-resistant:
Teflon makes this feature that is not easily immersed in almost all liquids, including water and oil, and can be used to prevent contamination and keep clean.
Application: Teflon coatings are commonly used to analyze the surface protection of instrument components, raw material recovery tanks, etc.

5. Wear resistance:
Teflon materials show excellent wear resistance when it comes to heavy-duty sliding. If combined with electroplating or anodis, it can improve its hardness and wear resistance at the same time.
Application: shafts, large water purifier pistons, automotive exhaust parts, wood circular saws, building shock absorbers, elevator side panels, grease-resistant workpieces, etc.

The advantages of Teflon hoses     The advantages of Teflon hoses

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