The difference between fire hose reel and fire hose

Apr 27, 2020

Many people are not very clear about the difference between fire reels and fire hoses, especially friends who do not do fire fighting are even more ambiguous about these two fire extinguishing facilities, thinking that they are all a kind of thing. Let's take a comprehensive look at the two common fire-fighting devices, fire reel and fire hose, and see what is the difference between them.

Fire hose reel is abbreviated as fire hose reel, which is composed of coil, hose and copper gun head. When it is used, it is directly pulled out from the coil, which is convenient and easy to operate. It is mainly used for extinguishing the fire at the beginning. The fire reel was used by ordinary people to put out the fire before the firefighters arrived. For ordinary people, the fire hydrant is difficult to use, so it is equipped with a smaller diameter reel and water gun.

The fire hose consists of hose, hose joint and water gun. When using it, two people are required to operate it. First, throw away the hose and connect it to the fire hydrant gate valve, and then connect it to the water gun head. The higher pressure has a significant effect on fighting fires.

The difference between fire hose reel and fire hose:

1. Different specifications:
The function of the fire hose reel and fire hose is that the diameter of the fire reel is DN25, which is convenient and easy to use, mainly for the initial fire. The diameter of the fire hose is DN65, which requires two people to operate, mainly for mid-term fires.

2. Different materials:
The fire hose reel uses rubber hose. The traditional fire hose is lined with rubber, and the outer surface is wrapped with linen braid. Advanced fire hoses are made of polymer materials such as polyurethane.

fire hose reel and fire hose

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